Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Samichlaus WHAT!!?!!!? 🤣

 Apparently, Samichlaus (the chap in red who visits in early December) is something rather rude.  If you like….. 🤣😳

Of course it means he‘s coming but why not have some fun with the phrase 😁

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Home Office is the New Office

Firstly, welcome back.  Things have been quiet for a while (or perhaps I've been lazy....).

It dawned on me that, after 18 months of permanent home office, this *is* the new office.  Employers of course are looking to use their expensive office space because, well, it's expensive.  But on the other hand, Corona is still mutating and Delta is spreading well.  Thanks, mainly, to an uptake in leisure travel.

Given this fact, we, like many others, are looking for a new property with a bigger office space.  Two people sharing a reasonable home office space is not bad occasionally but I've regularly been using the dining table and Junior's desk for calls.  Two people in a small space making constant calls is not optimal :D

What makes this process complicated is everyone else is looking for the same.  For that reason, it really does seem like Home Office is the New Office and we'd better get used to it!!

Friday, 17 April 2020

Living the Corona Life

It's been a while..... and because I'm trapped at home, an update!

What is Coronavirus like with the "Lockdown" (it's not truly a lockdown or at least not in my opinion)....?

Firstly, the whole shopping experience - for food of course - is borderline tolerable.  I say that because I only use my small local Coop and, bar the long lines and odd person with a mask on, it's relatively OK.  Plus they finally stocked up massively on toilet roll and guess what - with a mass of toilet rolls on pallets outside, people realise there is no shortage!!

All I wish is there were some restaurants and bars to visit.  That I could play tennis and go to the gym.  And that my new bigger screen for home office was here already!!

More to come soon including a description of the process and steps for non-facilitated naturalisation..... I am nearly done!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Swisscom InOne

Swisscom has finally woken up and is offering some very nice packages for Internet, TV and Mobile.  Gone is the old time where it was high-priced and uncompetitive - now you actually get good value for your monthly subscription!

The stand-out thing for me is the new mobile subscriptions that are seeing fit to include some roaming.  Given Switzerland is not in the EU and that we all travel around a fair amount, this inclusion is excellent.  I'm tipping towards the S package for myself as it covers just what I need.  My thought is that 45 days and 2Gb per annum is enough for me and is 20 Francs less than the next subscription; if I need more, I can buy a top-up from the Cockpit.

Try it and see what you can get!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

If you think Swiss health-and-safety is average, check this out....

A bar in the red-light district in Amsterdam.  Visit the toilets.....
Wash your hands too energetically and .......

Friday, 8 August 2014

Interesting aspects of the Swiss driving licence

Here it is:

It is important to know whether your licence should has something in column 12......because if you get stopped by the police, they will ask some questions.

If Roland had "01.06" in column 12 and was stopped when driving and was not wearing glasses or contact lenses, he'd be in trouble and would not be permitted to continue driving.  Why?  Because when he got that entitlement on his licence, his eye test showed that he needed correction (in the form of glasses or contacts).

Let that be a warning to people......have a look at your licence now and check.  And if you have laser surgery to correct your defective vision, you will want to get your licence updated otherwise you'll have a problem that you really don't need.

More information here on the licence.

Monday, 12 May 2014


It's amazing what a single, funny, made-up-word can do when a news organisation is bored.

Economisto coined the phrase back in 2010 as a humorous retort to someone paying lots of money for film processing.  As social communities can do, they adopt such language and it becomes a commonly-understood saying.

If you're Switzerlanded, it means you are subject to an event which seems to be unique and specific to Switzerland.  Being charged high amounts for seemingly basic goods and services is the obvious usage but you can also conclude that the price of a loaf of bread being the same as it was 15 years ago as being another.

Being Switzerlanded could be when you lose your wallet and have it returned to you with contents intact.  Being Switzerlanded could also be when you're swamped by people not letting you get off the train or bus before they get on.  Switzerlanded is also when you order something from an online vendor with whom you have no relationship and they send you the goods and a payment slip.

My experiences fall into these categories.  In the 90s, I spent 6000 francs on a TV and DVD player and they were sent to me with the payment slip.  I remember many occasions where I was not allowed to get off trams by those getting on - even when I was walking with crutches after breaking my leg.  I've been Switzerlanded when filtering on my motorcycle.....a car beeps the horn at me because <shudder> filtering is illegal.  I stopped and confirmed this to be the reason.....!

Heck, I've even been Switzerlanded at 6am when coming home from events like Street Parade and Fete des Vendanges - the street cleaners are out in force at that time to clean up the mess from the evening before.

Being Switzerlanded can suck - but it doesn't have to!!