Thursday, 1 March 2012

Swinglish. No longer a parking place!

I've decided to make Swinglish the blog of my life as an English-speaker living in Switzerland.  With a 17-year-old copy of David Hampshire's book, Living and Working in Switzerland, in my book collection, I can certainly call myself somewhat Swinglish...!

Some of the things I'll post here are old and some things new.  I won't be doing anything borrowed nor blue...!

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  1. Hi Lee
    I am often asked to revise English texts written by Swiss people and have started collecting classical mistakes they tend to make (e.g. "Today I have become a new car"). I wanted to register the domain to blog about such errors – in a friendly and, I hope, helpful way – but I discovered you already own it. You have some interesting, although rather infrequent, titbits about Switzerland but – dare I say it? – the lack of navigation buttons or menus makes the site somewhat difficult to use.
    I just wondered if you might be open to include occasional posts about such language issues or if we could work together somehow. I have dual British-Swiss nationality, grew up and studied in (Old) Jersey/London and have been living in the German part of Switzerland (AG, near Zürich) for over 30 years; I'm now retired and do a bit of copywriting, translation and correction in my free time.
    Cheers, Viktor